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A Warm Body 04:45
Draw the curtains in, all to set forth the wrath of your volition. Where the ego is exhumed upon the tangled snare of your warm body. Therine, my hiraeth of carnal divine. How body beckons for body. Fleshing out the slag and slime.
Howl of that the fatal flaw of. "Oh how we were made for each other" and it’s with my mortal cord tied to yours. The weal of woe pass through me, and my feral form. How every callway to mercy street, is one right back to the foot of your throne. Therein again - where my purpose is served. Because its like this - I need you for the godless creature I am. I need you for the sake of veneration in that overture of rebellion. For the fatalist in me, to live eternally in you.
Break off into me from your damaged spirit to mine. To touch and to feel all viral in me in you will thrive. The push and pull of flesh. Through the slivers of skin upon skin. How wretched is the flow of moral grey, in the density of our touch. And for the conscious we've disembodied. All to just turn to dust.
Mistaken love a replica for desire will counter desire. Festering amongst the gnats crowding the rose water. Verily, my darkly glowering to be splayed across the ethers. And how through the hairbreadth of their civil gaze - a non sentient-commiseration. and its with city grid after city grid like a wilderness to be tamed. Declarations of war under my breath. Take to blood - as guiding light.
Ambivalence 02:55
Center of the universe. These four walls and how they flow out and thru you. My affection in turn aversion. And you diversion, diversion and diversion. Stuck. As are you. Uncomfortable, in this beauty. this beauty I can tarnish with a slip of the tongue. The deceiver's finery bares down on me. And on you. Only you can't see much further than today. But I am talented, in that i can tarnish the most perfect beauty as if there was no tomorrow.
Uproot 08:04
Father weighs with ledger, mother by the measure of scripture. "Oh son, begotten in such a secular wind, what word have you willed and wrought from the criterion of this barren heath? -but a prodigal song". The only and most lonely child whisking white light at the split of his tongue. Reconciles knees to dirt, reconciles knees to that pulse-beat of source. Within the smudge of sage the rancor fleets away. The celestial fumes of cedar singe a deader shade of pale on my slate. Inscribed in the blood of relic flowing thru the sum of my quantum. Drawing and hailing from within. Uproot my immortal coil, like the flames that branch out and brake off only to be fed back into me. The poignant mind dissipates. For in every empty space exists all that exists.


Originally released digitally 21 May 2015 here in WAV format. Being officially released on 12" by React With Protest (Germany), Dead Tank (US), Zegema Beach Records (Canada), Deadwood (Germany) and IFB (US) very soon.
Also to be released in tape format Scaglie Di Rumore (Italy).


released May 21, 2015

Samples on Enantiodromia, Ambivalence and Uproot by JD Hairston.

Recorded by Mike Garrison @ Winter skies Productions.

Additional recording By Bradley Tiffin.
Mixed by Bradley Tiffin.

Mastered By Will Killingsworth @ Dead Air Studios.

illustration by: Connie Frances Zamorano


all rights reserved



TENTACLES San Antonio, Texas

formed in 2006.

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