Cogita Mori


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Originally released 5 July 2013 here in mp3 on bandcamp and 25 CD-Rs at a show. (Files here are now uploaded in the raw ".wav" format, apologies for mp3s earlier)
Being officially released on 7" by React With Protest Records.
Also being released on cassette tape soon.


released August 15, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ben at some place in Austin, Texas
Artwork done by Vladimir Vocovsky



all rights reserved


TENTACLES San Antonio, Texas

formed in 2006.

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Track Name: Intro/Cogita Mori
Darken woe with me. Cruelest skin. With all sadness singular to flesh, carnal yet knit beneath. Surrendering to all that denominates body. carnal yet knit beneath, how we lower than prime as our bodies merge into flow. Digress, To feel of her heatwaves in saim and taste of that war she brings. Merge with her and into her. sow and surrender. flesh of my flesh, wounds of my wounds.
Track Name: Throes of Light
A matter of discipline and there falter of, in that margin of shapeless… Harness of those bad graces bred in rural dissent, dark comedy of the everyday. Where prohibition was just a stretch of road to purgatory. O’ Dear friends, remember how we watched the pillars of our youth come crashing beneath those throes of light? With a slue of nepenthe at hand, savoring every shred of its lush. The way logic crushes like velvet under the weight of the devils wing.
Track Name: Outside Spectator
By a slow friction we've defiled. Coiled at the spindle of desire, inhaling the vapors of souls drawn out of the flesh. Aversion, then turn away… the wicked way of the world and how it caters to my lesser nature, and to reform the olive branch all for another pass through the incinerator. Oh son. This paranoid in me will be the trouble in you.
Track Name: Life is Absurd
At odds with everything and everyone. Tasting the luster of alkaloids at the narrow of the tongue. And its in the quick of addiction, that the chemical becomes a god. And how all and all, the dragons dog does as he is told. Pressing fast and without a thought. This is my function and it never shuts off. This is my function and it will never shut off. How absurd becomes all but an afterthought.
Track Name: This is the Part Where You Burn
Blood runs cold and coarse, not mine. Not mine never again mine.
"Blessed are the hearts that can bend, for they can never be broken."
Track Name: Mystic Furnace
Mystic like the want for blood. In the way that everyone is out for blood. And how viral it is to lust. in the way that everyone does. Like the greatest lover you never had. I’m on your side. Like those wars that were never recorded. They just go on and on. And what evil goes on in the dark. Stays in the dark. How one hand reaches out the other. Then over the mouth. Transaction after transaction of darkly currents thru and thru. transaction of who you've damaged and who's damaged you.