Isolation Is A Gift


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This album was recorded in Lyford TX in 2010.


released June 25, 2010

React With Protest Records



all rights reserved


TENTACLES San Antonio, Texas

formed in 2006.

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Track Name: Natul Tortuosa
Odd how we never do what we want. Rather what life subjects us to.
And what future sought is nothing more than what bad luck and circumstance the moment can afford to project. And to think of god
as the heavy sleeper at the reigns. And I as his paranoid passenger. And much like me for the dark to be the burning wick of my soul.
At the fault of my existences, in this and every special death, I've
self imposed. Where there is a great hole above. And a furnace below.
And a middle course set in stone. And I driven like a nail into a place
some where amongst the smear of inbetweens.
Track Name: What Matters Will Matter
And how the hand came down in such a brutal gesture. And shook those
beloved into blatant obscurities. And how all in time becomes long lost.
Nothing more of figment of past lifes. Whose howls became so distant.
As if non-existent. Whose faces rose up like smoke. Wafer thin cobwebs
aimlessly expanding and unraveling into nothing. Whose plight echoes
out into emptied corridors of the skull. Surviving them was to no end.
Friends kept like fixtures are a dying breed in the strobing light of infinity.
Track Name: This Is The Part Where You Burn
Blood runs cold and coarse, not mine. Not mine never again mine.
"Blessed are the hearts that can bend, for they can never be broken."
Track Name: From Hell With Love
Mongrel faced phalice mouthed to mouth. Serviced in a room full of whores all eyes fixed on the transgression that takes my shape. And how they dare not steal away. And my hands would blister at the touch. All the while thinking. "This isn't for me." Yet I still kiss the steady kill-hand that plays my life. Taking me where there's shadows moving faster than light.
Track Name: Wooden Dove
They are split tongued wooden doves. With hooks for teeth and mouths like mires of dissent. Wicked and restless torrents of deceit who spike the wishing wells at the hollow and deep. And how their hearts live for nothing but war. And they try my faith. And shake my faith. When all I want to do is to sleep with both my eyes closed. Both eyes closed.